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Where is the best return on investment?

As professional property investors, we utilise funds to invest in carefully selected properties to make a profit. Here we set out a number of property investment strategies and present an opportunity for sophisticated investors and businesses to invest.

With bank interest rates still typically below the level of inflation in the UK, money in the bank is eroding quickly. A much better return can be made investing in property projects for short periods (1 to 5 years).

How to make money from property investments....

As experienced, educated property investors with a strong track record, we build our business on sound, fundamental principles, namely:

Our profits, and therefore your returns, are locked in at the point of purchase through negotiating the lowest possible purchase price. We do not rely on speculative capital growth for our returns.

Each property investment is evaluated and tested for multiple exit strategies. If a black swan appears to disrupt our primary exit strategy, then we have other safe exit routes to follow.

Investor safety and legal compliance are incorporated into everything we do. Safety margins are built into project costs and our legal team is aware of every investment we make.

We carry out in-depth research and buy to demand. Each investment strategy we follow is the result of extensive supply and demand research which is regularly updated.

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Private Investment

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The Strategies...

Buy To Let – Most of our investments are in the buy to let sector. Private rented properties now account for 20% of housing stock in the UK. This is expected to reach 30% within 10 years.

Houses of Multiple Occupation – HMOs are high yielding rental properties but are more complex in nature. They require higher capital investment and must comply with a myriad of detailed laws and regulations.

Buy To Sell – We purchase distressed properties in affordable areas with proven demand from buyers. These are then completely refurbished and re-sold, typically to families, on the open market.

Redevelopment Projects – We also invest in larger development projects such as small apartment blocks. Longer term investments, these projects have larger capital requirements but give very good returns.

Business Objectives

  • To offer investors safety, certainty and competitive rates of return on cash invested
  • To grow a sustainable, mixed property portfolio using proven strategies which are continuously reviewed and refined
  • To provide quality homes that people are proud to live in
  • To contribute towards local area housing strategies
  • Continuously leverage the best teams to ensure projects are delivered on time and to budget

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